Blue Sky Challenge!


I was nominated for the Blue Sky Tag Challenge!

So what is this tag all about? Well…

The Blue Sky Tag Challenge Award is an award given by a fellow blogger who recognizes your blog as inspiring in some way. You are required to answer 11 questions asked by the individual who nominated you. Megan from Sunny With a Chance of Misery nominated me to complete this challenge. Click the link to check out her blog and give her a follow! (and of course to see the questions she was asked and her answers!). She is full of inspiration and witty humor!

Here are the eleven questions that were asked to me:

1. What made you start blogging?

Writing has been one of the few hobbies I have stuck with. Recently, I learned that there is an actual market for freelance writing (who knew!) and I started dabbling in it on the side. It seemed as though everyone else had a blog, so I thought hey, why not! I love connecting with people and figured this may be a way of doing so on a much broader scale. It’s been about a month now and so far I’m really enjoying the journey.

I’ve gained a lot of insight into my own life and peculiarities and if I can combine some of my own personal experiences with my book and field knowledge of psychology and use it to benefit someone else then I want to do that.

2. What is the best vacation you’ve ever went on?

Seattle, Washington without a doubt. I absolutely loved it there! That said, I wouldn’t want to live there permanently because I do believe the rain would get to me after a while. There seemed to be so many progressive moves being made in Seattle that it was refreshing to see. Everywhere I went, I would overhear people talking about future plans and I heard a lot of talk about social service needs. Plus, the area is so beautiful and colorful. I was blessed enough to be able to stay in a suite overlooking the bay with 3 private balconies – so this was also the most luxurious trip I’ve ever gotten the chance to take; and the first time I saw the West Coast of the United States. I also love Savannah, Georgia; where I do plan on relocating to one day.

3. How do you stay positive when you’re having a bad day?

Oh jeez…You’re about to find out how big of a nerd I am. I go to the library. The library always centers me; I absolutely love reading nonfiction. Reading has always been an escape for me and it allows me to forget my own problems while I’m in it. If the library isn’t an option at the time, I go outside and just sit for a minute. The feeling of the sun on my skin seems to cheer me up. The beach is also a go-to spot, although I haven’t been able to get there as much as I’d like lately.

4. What’s the first thing you do every morning?



I grab a big cup of coffee and sit and do nothing for a bit. It’s my happy time. I enjoy silence, so I like to wake up before anyone else so I can have a few minutes of me time.

5. What’s one thing that always makes you happy?

My dog, Snowball. I’ve had her since she was born (she is the daughter of my parents’ dogs) and can’t imagine not having her around. She has been through several moves with me. She is now 10 or 11 (my parents and I always disagree on this) and even though she will run away from me outside in a heart beat, she is overall a very good dog.

6. What’s your favorite holiday and why?

St. Patrick’s Day because I really have a thing for leprechauns. As a kid, I was obsessed with trying to catch one and I vividly remember making little traps in the yard and at school hoping to snag one of the little fellows.

7. What’s your most memorable childhood memory?

I was nearly mute in school as a child; like creepily silent and shy. But, I also had an overzealous belief in right and wrong. I remember being in 1rst or 2nd grade and the bus driver using a curse word over the intercom because kids were being loud (of course, not me). This really upset me because cursing was a no-no so I told my mother who proceeded to call the school district and made a big deal about it without my knowledge.

The next day, the bus driver confronted us, with the principle present, asking who had made the call. With my heart stuck in my throat, I stood up and told her that it was me and proceeded to tell the principle how she had called us all assholes. Because I never spoke, especially on the bus, everyone clapped and this was the first moment I remember feeling that I had a voice. The principle was apparently worried about how this would effect me, I guess everyone knew how shy I was, and told both my teachers to watch out for me that day.

Apparently, the principle had no idea that she was going to confront us, and he called and apologized to my mother for the event; but the teachers and students congratulated me all day long for speaking out and that was extremely empowering for me. I’m grateful it happened; even if it was wrong on her part.

8. What is the wildest thing you’ve ever done?

I don’t know that I’ve ever done anything that could be considered wild. I’ve done a lot of dumb stuff but nothing outlandishly exciting. I’m usually the one sneaking out the back door when things start turning wild. I kind of regret that the older I get. I won’t have any crazy stories to tell my grandchildren.

9. How do you be a good friend?

I’m not much of a socializer; I really enjoy being along more than with other people and tend to isolate. I’m grateful that people who know me have learned to just accept this about me and don’t expect a call or text back every time they reach out. I truly have some amazing people in my life.

That said, I’m always available if someone needs me and do make an effort to touch base at least once a month with people I care about. I’m very loyal, and if you ever meant anything to me then it doesn’t matter if we haven’t spoken in 10 years – if you need my help, I will be there. I’m also very nonjudgmental so whenever a topic that is morally questionable arises, I’m usually the one people call.

10. How do you inspire others when you aren’t feeling inspired?

I use my own experiences. That’s not to say that I’m awe-inspiring – but I think that working in the field of mental health and having overcome so many obstacles of my own puts me in a place of helping to normalize negative emotions and experiences. I share my struggles with others rather than pretend I’m always A-OK and that’s what being genuine and authentic means to me. I share because I recognize that I’m no better than anyone else I’ve met and we all gotta work together to survive it. We’re all human. I think that pretending everything is glamorous all the time is unrealistic. I know that, for me personally, I ignore a lot of sound advice and suggestions from others who have no similar experiences to me or who I see not using their own suggestions/advice. I follow people that I have respect for, and my respect is based off of what I see them doing so I try to emulate that by role-modeling.

11. Who do you want to be five years from now?

I’m quite happy with who I am today. I would’t really want to change anything about my core being; I’ve worked hard to be confident and secure within myself. I’m really proud of that.

As far as my lifestyle… I would like to be financial secure and able to travel more often. I don’t ever want to feel settled; I want to keep having new ideas and chasing new dreams. I also don’t ever want to have to work a 9-5 again.


Here are your 11 questions:

  1. What do you most love about yourself?
  2. What was a defining moment in your life?
  3. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?
  4. Who was/is your biggest mentor? Why?
  5. What drove you to start blogging?
  6. What is one thing that you wish you could change about the world?
  7. What do you most look forward to within the next year?
  8. What has been your greatest adventure in life?
  9. What is one question that when people ask it you cringe?
  10. What has been your proudest moment?
  11. Who is your biggest supporter?

Here are the eleven people I am tagging to complete this challenge. I urge you to check out their blogs because all of them are doing amazing things: 

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7 thoughts on “Blue Sky Challenge!

  1. Vanessa Dias

    You deserved this award like 250%. And I’m very grateful for your nomination, I am still feeling “glowy” – it reminds me of your great post on reinforcement! I find these challenges not only inspiring but really great way to know more about who is on the other side of the screen blogging. I could relate a lot to many of your experiences – thank you for sharing your authenticity, I do learn a lot with you and I think that’s an even more inspiring task than having a bunch of crazy stories to tell our grandchildren 😉


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