Nature and our well-being


I’ve learned that if I spend a day outside; whether that’s at the beach or walking around town, I tend to feel more relaxed and upbeat by the end of the day. We spend so much of our day within closed walls, which from an evolutionary and biological standpoint goes against nature. We are meant to be outside – in wide open areas with fresh air.

I just found an interesting article on National Geographic that goes into more detail about the research that’s been done and what strategies cities and countries are coming up with to improve citizens well being.

I’ve read previous research that looks at the impact of the environment we inhabit and our mental health; and a link has been found between nature and positive feelings. I’ve tried to incorporate this into my home environment in several ways – potted plants, nature images on the walls (mainly of animals and Savannah landscapes because I find them relaxing), cut flowers on my table and natural scents such as jasmine. I’m interested if anyone else has noticed this? Do you incorporate nature in your work or home environment, and how so? Share some of your ideas!


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10 thoughts on “Nature and our well-being

  1. Hell yea! I went sailing a few days ago and while there I thought I should blog about how theraputic nature is! Whatever worries I had disappeared completely. Feeling the steady rock of the boat. Fantastic!!!! I have lavendar and peppermint oils everywhere, table, side table, bathroom. You know what I think I’ll write that damn post already!

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  2. Vanessa Dias

    It’s a shame how we dismiss these details quite easily in our urban / city lives! I haven’t done much to incorporate these suggestions because renting a house in England makes it almost impossible to change anything – especially if you do house share. In my office I do try to have some plants around and make it more familiar. I also escape from time to time to the woods to take a mental break. Most of the times the change is almost automatic…


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