Blogger Recognition Award

Thank You

First I would like to thank Layvi from Way of the Wise for nominating me! Her blog is filled with inspiration and philosophical ponderings; I encourage you to check it out!

My Advice For My Fellow Bloggers

I’ve only just started blogging so I’m not sure that I’m the one to be giving out blogging advice. But as with any writing forum, I suggest writing what you are passionate about and do it for yourself. Get involved with other bloggers – you are sure to learn something interesting every day – and share your ideas with one another. What I’ve enjoyed most about starting this blog has been the communication with others and getting new ideas.

How I Started Glimmers of Silver

I had started doing some freelance writing and research work and realized how much I really enjoy writing and sharing ideas with others. I saw that almost everyone had a blog of their own so I took the plunge, knowing nothing about how blogs work. I’m still working on educating myself and learn something new every day. It’s been a fun journey so far.


The Motivational Blog


Finding Happiness

The Steps for Those Nominated

Create a blog post
Give a short description of the blog that nominated you and add their link
Write your best piece of advice for other bloggers
Discuss what made you start your blog
Nominate 15 other blogs that you think people should check out

Daily Prompt: Educate

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